Couldn’t Buy A GPU In 2021? Here’s What 2022 Has In Store


The year 2021 was undoubtedly the hardest year for GPUs and for PC enthusiasts. Everyone thought the GPU shortage would be over before the year ends, but entering the new year, GPUs are still scarce. And, the ones that are available aren't priced as per their caliber.


GPU shortage

The year 2022 could be different, thanks to the entry of a third big competitor and signs of seamless supply chains. Here's what to expect from GPUs in 2022.

New GPUs From Intel

New GPUs From Intel

Intel might bring the best news for PC enthusiasts in 2022 with the launch of its Arc Alchemist GPUs. While the company makes several graphics cards, Arc Alchemist is the first slot-in desktop GPU focused on gaming. The cards will hit the markets within the first few months of 2022. The company is yet to share details about its performance, so it's likely Intel will showcase it at CES.

If the rumors are to be believed, the card will perform better than RTX 3070 GPU. The company has already shared information about its XeSS upscaling feature that will be seen on these graphics cards. The GPU market has been revolving around AMD and Nvidia, so a new GPU could be welcomed with both arms.

GPU Prices To Keep Fluctuating

GPU Prices To Keep Fluctuating

While many would expect GPU prices to go down, the market isn't stable at the moment. Prices came down in the middle of 2021, giving hopes that the GPU shortage was finally coming to an end. But at the end of the year, prices surged again.

GPU prices are a mess right now, and it might be the case throughout 2022. We might see a drop in prices at the start of the year and might go up during summer. There's no way to predict where prices would go considering how they have been for a year.

Prices might come down at some point, but they might now skyrocket as they did in 2021. The pandemic boosted the demand for PCs and GPUs, and the demand hasn't been fulfilled yet. However, they are signs of budget GPUs from Intel and AMD in the coming months. It's likely that graphics cards might never get back to their original prices, at least in the near future.

GPU Supply To Get Better

GPU Supply To Get Better

There are signs that GPU supply will increase in 2022. Nvidia recently said that it expects the GPU shortage to cap off when we are halfway through 2022. Intel's CEO also said something similar, saying the shortage could improve this year, which could result in a stable supply in 2023.

This doesn't necessarily mean that the prices will come down. Supply and demand are important but the price of components and tariffs could result in higher than usual prices of GPUs. So you can expect to find GPUs online easily, but their prices will continue to remain high. Currently, there are major retailers that have cards in stock, but they are mostly bottom of the barrel. The situation could improve in 2022, and continue to be better henceforth.

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