Pokemon Sword And Shield: Top Five Steel Pokemon In Sword and Shield


Pokemon is one of the most popular games and even a sensation when it comes to popular anime characters. The Pokemon Sword and Shield is another popular game that's been sweeping headlines Like the other Pokemon games, you will need to catch everything new in the Wild Area, while also defending what's yours.

Top Five Steel Pokemon In Sword and Shield

Over course of time, the game has brought in several new charactors. Here, the Steel Pokemon is very popular in Sword and Shield game. The Steel Pokemon are popular for their defensive mechanism in the game. At the same time, there are a couple of Steel Pokemon that can be quite a fighter too. We've compiled a list of the top five Steel Pokemon in Sword and Shield:

Top Five Steel Pokemon In Sword and Shield


Lucario is easily one of the most popular Pokemon in the Sword and Shield. Lucario's inner focus and steadfast abilities make secures its place in the top five list. The Fighting/Steel Pokemon is known for its strength, making it super popular among fans.


Sandshrew comes in as one of the ground-type additions from Generation I. Later in Generation VII, the Ice/Steel Sandshrew was introduced, which soared in popularity. This Ice/Steel Sandshrew Pokemon has earned a position in our top five list for its sand veil capabilities and more.


Let's admit it - Metagross is one of the scariest Pokemon in the game, especially when you're dealing with the Mega Metagross. The Psychic/Steel Pokemon can be absolutely elusive and the best fighter you could need, upping its popularity even more.


One look at Scizor and you'll know why it made it to the top five chart! Scizor arrived as one of the greatest entrants to the Pokemon Sword and Steel with its metal coat and retractable wings. In other words, this Pokemon could be a total menace! The Bug/Steel Scizor is much loved by fans for its hard exterior and capabilities.



Dialga is also one of the top five Steel Pokemon in the game. The popularity rose especially after the hype around Diamond and Pearl. The Pokemon comes with one of the most unique capabilities as a Steel/Dragon, and of course, the great design. The unique prowess of Diagla is the ability to control time, making it even more popular.

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