India Is Most Exciting Gaming Market: Sagar Nair, CEO Of Qlan


Gaming in India has drastically changed over the past few years, especially during the pandemic. New online games, players, and competitive tournaments have reshaped the Indian gaming spectrum, which has left a gap between traditional social media and gaming platforms. Trying to fill the same gap is Qlan coming into existence.


social media platform

This new social media platform is designed and developed specifically for the gaming community. Qlan helps connect gamers with a large online community to build squads and proliferate the community. Gizbot recently interacted with Sagar Nair, the CEO of Qlan, who calls it a social solution platform for gamers, rather than social media.


Qlan Explained: Targeting Esports Gamers In India

The Indian gaming spectrum is growing exponentially with roughly 60 to 70 million esports players. And this is where Qlan is tapping into this growing audience. "Esports is our main target group, and we've just begun to scratch the surface now," Sagar says. Qlan brings detailed profiling, allowing gamers to find each other to build squads and eventually a community.

Esports community in India is dynamic, and isn't just limited to the gamers. A lot of non-gamers like tournament organizers, coaches, event managers, and so on are also involved. Qlan claims to offer a direct link among everyone in this gaming community, which no other social media offers. There's no noise with Qlan, Sagar says as he explains his platform.

Qlan And Tech Behind It

Qlan And Tech Behind It

Every app today includes AI and ML that go behind making a smooth user interface and experience. Sagar explains that they used the matchmaking AI feature on Qlan to help gamers find the right player for their squad. "For instance, if I'm a sniper, the AI knows I won't need another sniper for my squad and will potentially match me with assaulters," he explains.

Speaking of machine learning, Sagar says Qlan is built focusing on users' likes and dislikes. The content, people, and every other feature on the Qlan platform are built like a typical social media platform. Users can also customize and personalize content to suit their tastes.

Qlan Vs Other Social Media: What Makes It Different?

Qlan Vs Other Social Media: What Makes It Different?

"Qlan was developed keeping an aspiring gamer and a casual gamer in mind without any other noise," Sagar further explains. While Facebook, Twitter, and even LinkedIn are built for anyone and everyone, Qlan is dedicated for gamers to build their community.

That said, already existing gaming platforms like Steam, Twitch, and even Discord come to mind. When asked about this, Sagar states that Qlan is quite different from Discord as there's more detailed profiling, easier access to other gamers, and other features on his app. For instance, Qlan offers solo and squad profiling, which further helps gamers find each other as well as organizers contact squads for tournaments.

Presently, Qlan is in the beta phase and is also available to download on Google Play. The platform aims for future expansions to other countries in the Indian sub-continent and into the Middle East and North African regions. Also, a dedicated online store for all things esports is also expected to arrive shortly, which would further boost the gaming business.

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