Top Five Video Game Music Channels On YouTube

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    What is the best thing you remember while growing up? Without taking stress, the first thing that comes to mind is playing video games. We would have spent hours playing video games and listening to music. One could easily identify the game without seeing the video, just by listening to the audio. The video and audio of games have improved by years. Earlier the music on the video games was limited to simple melodies. But with time and advancement of technology, the music of the video games have improved a lot. There is more creativity and depth in music today.

    Top Five Video Game Music Channels On YouTube


    Music plays a very important part in the success of video games. The publishers and developers of the game must work along with the team of music directors, music composers and supervisors for the success of the game. The music of video games has become very popular that it has a separate music channel on YouTube. YouTube gives us a high quality, good music and lots of choices to choose from the channel. Some of the popular channels of music from video games from YouTube are as follows


    This channel is based on the character of a man named Luigi of the gaming world. It has some catchy games music. This channel gained popularity after it uploaded the Nintendo Music. This track gives us a calm and relaxed feeling. The music became so popular that they started releasing more mixes later. Some of the best soundtracks of this channel are Pokémon, Donkey Kong Country, music from the Tropical Beach games and more.


    The Supradarky is on a mission to collect the best video game music of all time in one place. This channel was started in 2007 and gives us excellent video games music till date. Some of the best track of this channel is 16-Bit Metroidvania, Celeste, the Messenger, and the list go on.


    The owner of this channel wanted to collect the best tracks in one place without wasting ones time. So, this channel was created. It plays the best soundtrack of older games and new games. This channel mostly consists of high-quality Nintendo Music. Other best tracks are Super Mario World, Nintendo etc.


    Never judge a book by its cover. In the same way, do not select music by the name of this channel. Just like the channel name stands out, the music of the channel also stands out. This is one of the best place to find a variety of game music. The best part if this channel is that it has the latest single tracks and OST of almost all types of games. The most popular soundtrack of this channel is the Symphony of the Night. Other tracks include Castlevania, Hat in Time etc.

    OverCloCked ReMix

    This channel is for the remix lovers. The Remix takes the music to a whole new different level. This channel has the original track turned Remix. Famous tracks are Tidal Tempest Stage, Contra 3 track and more.

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