Xbox Two: Here is what new will it bring to the gaming world

    Gaming enthusiasts must have no bounds on their excitement after a recent report quoted head of Xbox saying that the XBox Two would be coming sometime soon in future. At the same time, Phil Spencer shared his vision for the gaming industry, which hinted the possible features and hardware of the Xbox Two.

    Xbox Two: Here is what new will it bring to the gaming world

    Considering that the Xbox One could not become a huge success in comparison to the PlayStation, Spencer did hint at the company's plan on bringing some very advanced features in its new generation Xbox, possibly to sweep off the negative perception for the Xbox Two. The Xbox Two is believed to have 4K and VR gaming related capabilities to be future ready. While the Xbox Two is likely to come in 2019-2020, we have been hearing rumors around its hardware and other features. We take a look at rumors so far and what could possibly make the Xbox Two the ultimate gaming console:

    Two to replace One!

    It is expected that Microsoft will replace the Xbox One with the Xbox Two, when it get launched in near future, mainly because the existing console has not been a huge success for the company. Its competitor Sony, on the other hand, has outsold the Xbox One with its PlayStation 4.

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    An Xbox with Windows 10!

    During the Xbox Spring Showcase event, Spencer hinted that Microsoft is working on the possibility of collaborating Windows 10 with the Xbox One. If this happens, the Xbox will have a completely refreshed interface. Some reports have suggested that the Xbox Two could be an upgrade to the existing Xbox One, instead of being a complete refresh. Spencer hinted that, moving forward Microsoft should decouple the new software interface from the Xbox One hardware platform, but there should be a harmony in terms of certain hardware features. 

    It will run Windows 10 and have complete backwards compatibility. This would essentially mean that a future console would have some key elements of the architecture of the Xbox One.

    Xbox Two: Here is what new will it bring to the gaming world

    4K gaming support:

    Microsoft is highly expected to add 4K gaming capabilities to the Xbox Two, especially considering that the Xbox One struggled to deliver even FullHD (1080p) on some of the gaming titles. The Xbox Two should be much more powerful than its predecessor, and be at par its competitors in future.

    Disc-less gaming:

    A big set of gaming enthusiasts may prefer physical disks for gaming titles, but that doesn't mean that Microsoft will remain struck with dick-based gaming. It is expected that the company will make it more convenient for gamers to download titles via its Xbox Two console. Moreover, it is also about gaming moving into the cloud.

    Xbox Two: Here is what new will it bring to the gaming world

    Streaming Online:

    Sony's PlayStation has got an edge with the PlayStation Now service, which essentially allows streaming through the console. Microsoft should be adding a streaming games service of the same quality, otherwise the Xbox Two will lose on this ground.

    VR Gaming:

    Sony is quite seriously working on virtual reality with the existing PlayStation 4, which means that the company will be emphasizing it further on the PlayStation 5. Hence, it is important for Microsoft to pull up its socks and respond accordingly, to even stay in competition. The company has been investing in Hololens, and it is expected that the company will deliver at least one version of the Xbox Two console with built-in virtual reality.

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