Fez to Debut on New Platforms in 2013

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One of the most valued possessions of Xbox in 2012; Fez, is gearing up to make its mark on other platforms later this year. Phil Fish, developer of the game disclosed this information, although he did not specify the details of the new platforms. He also said two more games are in its beta-stages of development in his studio Polytron.

When Fez was first launched for Xbox 360 jointly by Microsoft studios, Polytron and Trapdoor, the developer spoke about the lows and the life promising highs the company faced in 2012. Even though the game did not make any big records it allowed the company to do what it does.

Fez to Debut on New Platforms in 2013

The single player- based game Fez had been receiving a lot of appreciation as well as criticism from the time it was launched on Xbox. The game is around a 2-dimensional creature Gomez, who resides in a flat 2-D world.

A typical creature called hexahedron gives Gomez a magical hat which enables it to discover a third dimension. Finally, things go wrong and Gomez collects the broken pieces of hexahedron to save his world.

The game which was under development from 2007 saw the unveiling of its early version in 2008 at the Independent Games Festival. Legal problems and personal issues of the developer had delayed its launch till 2012.

The game was featured in a documentary called Indie game last year. More details about the availability of Fez on other platforms will be known only after its release. Till then, the users can download it from Xbox live exchanging 800 Microsoft points.


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