Flappy Bird Set to Make Comeback This August As Multiplayer Game

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Do you remember the previous gaming sensation Flappy Bird, whose "sensational factor" got out of hand to force the creator take the game down? Well, it seems like there's yet some good news for all those of you who missed out on it in its first appearance.

According to reports, popular gaming app Flappy bird is set to make a comeback. The game which was pulled from app stores back in February, will now return to its rightful place in August.

Flappy Bird Set to Make Comeback This August As Multiplayer Game

Revealed first via creator Dong Nguyen to CNBC, it has also been said that the game will now include multi-player capabilities, although it will be less addictive.

While it's quite a great thing to know that the Flappy Bird will soon come back, this was anyway expected to happen sooner or later. Back in March, reports claimed that Flappy Bird creator Nguyen Ha Dong was thinking about restoring the smash-hit free game.

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Speaking in his first interview since the game was taken down from the Apple and Android stores, game creator Ha Dong told Rolling Stone that time that he felt much more relieved after taking down Flappy Bird. Moreover, asked if the game will ever come back, the creator responded: "I'm considering it."

Since taking down the game, the developer has faced a number of protests from hardcore fans , with some of them even issuing death threats.

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And although the developer took the decision to take down the game, according to Dong, the game was earning on average $US50,000 a day from in-game advertising.

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