Game4u Top 10 Highest Selling Games of 2012

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    Game4u Top 10 Highest Selling Games of 2012


    From countering terrorists to gunning down your rivals and bringing in a new world order, the gaming phenomenon has advanced by leaps and bounds over the last decade. New Year is just ahead and Game4u does a quick review of the riveting year that was 2012. Thespecialist retailer of game hardware, software and digital services has shared with Gizbot the list of 10 highest selling games in the year 2012 and here we bring it for you to read on. Go through the slideshow and have a look, if you wish to buy a couple of them now.

    FIFA 13

    Giving new meaning to soccer, FIFA 13 has been ranked No. 1 across 3 formats PS3, Xbox 360 games and PC games. The game features possibly the best dribbling system ever brought out by the franchise with precise dribbling combined with full rotations of 360 degrees. The first Touch control in the game imparts an amazing level of control of the ball and defending players find themselves with much more opportunities to retrieve the ball. The Tactical Free Kicks is a tool that allows players to throw some really cool and unpredictable kicks. Artificial Intelligence is employed to its potential to impart analytical abilities to players. This brings in creativity and sophistication in the battle for possession of the ball. Download the game here.

    Assasins Creed 3

    Assassins Creed III has definitely garnered a lot of fans over the last year. Placed at No.2, this 18th century conflict sees the rise of a new assassin whose mission is to fight for freedom. Players can take the role of assassins in this revolutionary thriller that going through bustling towns and blood stained battlefields. Download it here.

    FIFA 12

    Ranked No. 1 among PS2 games, FIFA Soccer 12 delivers a larger-than-life physicality of soccer for players of this role-playing genre. There is a lot of variety to be enjoyed as one experiences the testing endurance of a real-world soccer player. Dribbling to precision, pulling, pushing, and fighting to win over possession of the ball and some game-changing innovations make this game truly captivating. Download FIFA 12 here.

    Max Payne 3

    Max Payne 3 is a PS3 game that revolves around the story of a top-NY city detective Max Payne. Entrusted with the protection of a wealthy industrialist, Max Payne finds himself troubled by his traumatic history. Quite predictably the bad guys come upon him and he fights for his clients and his own life. The game utilizes cool ammunition, a spy cover system and great mechanics. Download this action-thriller from here

    Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

    This game available in XBox 30 as well as PC format was formulated as a sequel to the original Call of Duty: Black ops which received awards for its outstanding success. There are some great graphics to be enjoyed in this game when the rage of the cold war begins. Adventure gaming lovers can download this game from here

    GTA Complete Edition (IV)

    Fans of the Ben Stiller movie Gone in 60 seconds are sure going to love this game. An explicit Grand Theft Auto game claiming to be the top most rated game of all time is back in this all new version. This Complete Edition is in fact a retail package and comprises Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City and Grand Theft Auto IV. Certainly a good value for money, this game offers 100 hours of nonstop gaming on single as well as multiplayer modes. Download it here.

    Need For Speed:Most Wanted

    Almost all youngsters have dreamt of donning the Most Wanted role. This game practically forces you to run for your life! The cops, opponents, and friends all chase the player and finding new hiding spots and vehicles for escape is the challenge. With rivals chasing you down, you have enough avenues to demonstrate your driving prowess. Download the fast-paced game here.

    Battlefield 3

    This first person shooter game is set in Karkand and employs higher levels of destruction. The New York Times has rightly called it the most realistic shooter out there- visually speaking. The game is a twist to the previous versions in that there is one team here that commands all the rest who need to assault to save themselves. Download this shooter game here.

    Uncharted Drakes Deception

    Set in the Arabian Desert, this adventure game already has a lot of loyal fans to the franchise. The story propels Nathan Drake to the middle of the wilderness wherein he finds himself embroiled in the clandestine activities of a secret organization long functioning from this deserted hideout. His mission then becomes simply to survive. Download this fabled adventure from here.

    Sports Champions

    Real world athletes are sure to enjoy this sports-oriented game. The game has top athletes from around the world who gather together to determine the most illustrious of them all. Family and friends can have a ball as they try their hand in volleyball, table tennis, archery etc. Download the game here to join in the action.

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