Gametel can turn phone to gaming console

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Gametel can turn phone to gaming console

You might have always tried to play action games on your smart phone. Even when the display and graphics are good the lack of a proper control and navigation gets in the way. The problem is that most of the phones are full touch screen type with very few buttons. When you use the touch screen for navigation your hands block the display and the overall look and feel of the game is lost. Even if you plan to use motion sensor for the games there are only very little control. The only solution to all these problems is to have a game controller that is compatible with your phone.

Fructel has just the right device for amateur as well as hardcore gamers out there. They have introduced a wireless game controller that can transform your android based tablet or smart phone into a complete gaming device, named as Gametel. To the gamers the overall design of the buttons and joy sticks will appear very familiar because they have opted for the most common D-pad design. The controller works with any phone or tablet running on Android Éclair 2.1.1 Éclair and higher versions.

The controller connects with the phone or tablet via Bluetooth link. Physically they can be connected via spring-loaded clamp which is adjustable. So the size and dimensions of the device being attached won’t be a big problem. You can pair the Gametel controller with your android device and once you do that the device will connect automatically, each time it is turned on.

You can download many games that are compatible with this console from the android market. As for now there are about 50 games available including MotoX Mayhem and Happy Vikings. More compatible games can be expected in the near future itself. The controls in Gametel are very responsive. So that you will get immersed in the game feeling while you use them. If there is HDMI port in your Android device then gaming can be experienced in a much bigger screen. Also you can connect up to 4 Gametel controllers to a single Android device simultaneously.

This lets the user to enjoy multiplayer gaming like never before. The device has a battery life of about 9 hours. If it is kept idle for six minutes, the device will be automatically turned off saving up power. Gametel controller has a price tag of about Rs.4,000/- in India.

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