Halo 4: Spartan Ops Episode 8 Now Available

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343 Industries, developer of Halo 4, has detailed new multiplayer content that is slated to be released for the Infinity online mode of the game. This also includes Episode 8 of Spartan Ops campaign which offers a cooperative experience. Halo 4 is actually a single player story but provides a great online experience via Infinity multiplayer. This constitutes competitive mode on the web as well as the cooperative mode Spartan Ops campaign.

343 Industries has been striving to outdo itself by constantly updating the game's online mode by introducing new modes, playlists, episodes of Spartan Ops and features which is to continue this week as well. The first among the additions will be Team doubles playlist having 3 varied game types will be featured in this playlist- Infinity doubles, CFT Doubles and Doubles Pro.

Halo 4: Spartan Ops Episode 8 Now Available

Infinity Doubles provides the experience of Infinity Slayer in two vs. two format. Radar and instant respawn is enabled in this variant along with the option for the players to choose their own custom loadout. Doubles Pro consists of preset game loadouts. However, radar, instant respawn and personal ordnance are not enabled. CFT Doubles game type is along the lines of capture the Flag and has been customized for two vs. two play. Radar and custom loadouts have been enabled. The respawn time of the game has been fixed to 10 seconds.

Two other new specializations are also scheduled to arrive later this week, called Tracker and Rogue. These specializations will be offering new armor mods among other things. A lot of other multiplayer content is expected to be rolled out for Halo 4 later on as well.


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