Hanuman to Lanka Game Review: A Dedicated Approach to Mythology

Written By: Abhinandan

Hanuman to Lanka is an adventure game designed by Dexati and is based on the Hindu Epic Ramayana where Lord Hanuman flies across the ocean to Lanka in order to meet Sita and convey Lord Ram's message.

Here's out review of the Hanuman to Lanka game


The game requires 9.6 MB of storage space and runs on Android 2.3.3 or higher.

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As mentioned earlier Hanuman to Lanka is based on the Indian Hindu Epic Ramayana and takes off with Sita being held captive by Ravana. Lord Rama decides to save Sita and travels towards Indian Ocean with his army to reach Lanka. When they realize that they can't cross over they ask Hanuman to use his power to fly and meet Sita Devi to convey the message.


The Game has two modes with four levels each in both the modes. Mode 1 is where Hanuman flies across to inform Sita on the siege that Lord Rama and his army are planning to rescue her. Hanuman has to jump past several obstacles to reach in order to do so. Mode 2 is where Hanuman goes bonkers and sets Lanka on fire using his tail.

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The idea behind the game is very good which informs kids about the incidents in the Ramayana in an entertaining way. But the game falls on it face with its execution. The graphics are bad. The levels are one and the same. All in all, it could have been made better. Here's where you can download the game.

Rating: 2/5

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