Humble Indie Bundle 7 Out Now: Package Includes 6 Games, 1 Movie and More

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Inspired by the astounding success of the Humble THQ Bundle back in November, the Humble Bundle team have launched yet another series of 6 games and a movie which chronicles the life of an indie game developer in his quest to bring out the games-Fez and Super Meat Boy.

Known for their pay-what-you-want approach, the Humble Indie Bundle 7 also supports charity. Whatever revenue is generated is split between Child's Play charity, the developers and Humble Bundle. The interesting thing is the buyer gets to decide how the proceeds are divided.

Closure, Shank 2, Snapshot, The Binding of Isaac are some of the games. The average price of the bundle is $6.39 (approx Rs.360) and if you choose to shell out a little more, you get two more games- Dungeon Defends and Legend of Grimrock. It doesn't end there. The games' soundtracks in both MP3 and FLAC formats are also supplied.

Humble Indie Bundle 7 Out Now: Package Includes 6 Games, 1 Movie

Earlier, when THQ teamed up with Humble Bundle, a series of 6 Triple-A games were offered with more on the plate for those who paid above the average price and more added later. The Humble Bundle games are cross-platform and DRM free meaning you can install it wherever and however you like. The Amnesia Fortnight Bundle of Double Fine was also available around that time which offered the 5 top-voted prototypes for all who paid for the bundle and a bonus prototype for those paying more than the average price.

The team at Double Fine says that many of their games have birthed from the Amnesia Fortnight they observe annually. This is a 2-week period they take to test new ideas and new leaders and dish out new games in the process. Download the Humble Indie Bundle 7 and support charity too.

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