Mass Effect 3 Leviathan DLC Trailer Revealed

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Mass Effect 3 Leviathan DLC Trailer Revealed

Bioware and Electronic Arts (EA) have released the official trailer of the latest version of popular role playing action game Mass Effect 3.The new version titled Mass Effect 3-Leviathan DLC will release on Aug 28 for Playstation, Xbox 360 and PC.

PS3 gamers in Europe will have access to the DLC on Aug 29.The new trailer arrived shortly after Bioware announced the official date for the game’s release. Bioware has also provided a range of wallpapers of the game on their official blog.

With its release, after Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut, Mass Effect 3-Leviathan will become the first story driven single player DLC to be released. The storyline of the new game proceeds from the perspective of Leviathan who became a traitor after killing someone from his own clan. He was exiled for 10 years following the event. Shepard who has been sent to rescue scientist Ann Brynson meets Leviathan at a Batarian colony controlled by him. Story unfolds as they join hands to fight the Reapers.


Although the companies behind the game have kept the plot secret, we have been able to know that Shepard, after finding about the death of the scientist Ann Brynson joins Admiral Hackett’s hunt for Leviathan. Prior to her death, Ann Brynson was closely following Leviathan for finding a weapon that could be used against the Reapers.

Later it will be found that Reapers is behind the murder of the scientist. However team Shepard believes that there are hidden motives which lead to the murder. Shepard will discover the origins of Reaper while he travels around the galaxy searching for Leviathan.

The game plot seems to be impressive and promises a good game. Bioware and EA are hopeful that this game will also be received well by the audience similar to what they have been able to witness with the previous version of the game.

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