Microsoft Announces Next-Gen Xbox One : All You Need To Know

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Its show time for Redmond -based Microsoft to unveil next-gen Xbox 360. Past last night, the makers behind popular Halo franchise unveiled Xbox One. Looks like everyone these days have a tilt over One name. So, the Xbox One is ready to take on Sony's PlayStation 4. It's a successor to mega popular Xbox 360. The event was high on drama, and low on gaming to be precise. Indeed the Xbox One is still a gaming machine by all means, but Microsoft is calling their next-gen console as a complete entertainment package.

The Xbox One will arrive later this year. From exclusive partnership with ace director Stephen Speilberg to teaming up with NFL to Skype, it certainly has everything you require on a modern day console. Microsoft also announced that more than 15 exclusive games would grace in its first very year. The Xbox One won't be backward compatible with last -gen console games. The T.V part was the biggest draw, and a reason to purchase Xbox One. The pricing is yet to be announced by Microsoft.

Microsoft Announces Next-Gen Xbox One : All You Need To Know

Hardware, Kinect 2.0, and TV integration

Sony seemed uninterested in flaunting their new hardware. But Microsoft was not shy, and went ahead with PC like cabinet box---Xbox One. It is in fact a PC with similar architecture comprising of custom 40-nano chip, an 8-core CPU, powerful GPU, an 8GB of RAM, 500GB of RAM, USB 3.0 and Wi-Fi direct. The console also uses Blu-Ray drive. It is also being said that Xbox One could support 4K technology. Interestingly, the One doubles as a TV box. It seamlessly integrates with set-up box via HDMI. The built in DVR functionality was expected for a long time.

The multi-tasking shown at the demonstration last night was commendable ; now you don't need a remote control to flip around channels , music or internet explorer. As communicated by team Xbox, the console easily recognizes your voice and gestures. You can flip channels, play games, listen to music at the same time.

As expected, it was time to meet the Kinect 2.0. This time around, it is more accurate and comes with 1080p Full HD sensor. It can even track your heart beat, and recognizes gestures. There were two modes demonstrated at Xbox Reveal event: "Swipe up" to scroll down and "grab and pan" to control screen outputs.

Xbox One controller

The controller still feels as good as original Xbox 360 gamepad. Microsoft says that it has comes up with more than 40 refreshed technical and design changes, to make Xbox One controller syncs with gamers. The updated directional pad, thumb stick, and most importantly "vibrating impulse triggers", were designed keeping gamers in mind.

User interface (UI)

The new UI demonstrated by Microsoft last night was more chic, and understated. The makers say that they have used more than three operating systems: Xbox OS, Windows Kernel, and a third around with multi-tasking. The "snap-mode' shown has references from Windows 8---multi-tasking redefined?

Xbox Live and Skype

Xbox 360 succeeded over PlayStation 3 due on one single reason: better online integration. The highlighted "game DVR" function will allow gamers to record, edit, and share game videos. Another cool feature - "Smart Match" is commendable.

Talking about Skype, you can now interact with your friends by using Kinect motion sensor. Wow! HD video calling is no more a dream.


15 exclusive games to be announced the first year

Out of 15 games-8 will be all new

EA Sports announced Madden NFL 25, NBA Live 14, FIFA 14, and EA Sports UFC,

Activision announced Call of Duty: Ghosts

All new Forza Motorsport , and Quantum Break

It was earlier rumored that the next-gen Xbox would require always on internet connection. It does require constant internet connection, but you won't be restricted from games even if the connection drops.

What do you thing about Xbox One? Do you have plans to buy one later this year? Stay tuned to GizBot.

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