Microsoft Goofs Up By Posting Xbox One Watch Dogs Video With PS4 Gameplay

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Watch Dogs, an upcoming action-adventure, multi-platform game from Ubisoft Montreal, is easily the most anticipated title that's set to hit consoles in 2014. Microsoft is now the part of a rather embarrassing mess up. In an attempt to show off the game's performance on its upcoming console, the Xbox One, the company posted a video that showed off game play and performance.

Goof Up: Microsoft Posts Xbox One Watch Dogs Video With PS4 Gameplay

However, take a close look at the video, and you'd notice that the PlayStation's button commands instead of the Xbox controller. It didn't take long for users to realize this, thereby causing a massive uproar among gamers.

The video was taken down from the Xbox YouTube channel, however you can have a look at a screenshot of the video above. The incriminating frame has been captured, showing the trademark PlayStation icons.

However, this incident has a lot to do with the way Watch Dogs is being promoted and marketed. Until now, most footage of the game has been shown off on the PlayStation 4 platform, thereby by giving Sony's console a distinct advantage against Microsoft's Xbox One and Nintendo's Wii.

This slip-up will cost Microsoft dearly in terms of reputation. Apart from this mess up, Microsoft has made many other mistakes in promoting its products in recent times. Check out the image below, which happens to be a banner posted from the company's official Xbox 360 India Facebook page.

Goof Up: Microsoft Posts Xbox One Watch Dogs Video With PS4 Gameplay

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