Microsoft launches budget friendly Xbox 360 bundle

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Microsoft launches budget friendly Xbox 360 bundle

Microsoft is out in the market with a budget friendly Xbox 360 bundle. The bundle will be made available consumers at a lesser price to consumers with in few weeks. Youngsters are really thrilled with such good news that adds to their entertainment dreams.

According the news, the package will include a 4GB console along with a Kinect sensor. Normal consumers are glad as the product comes with a budget friendly package. This will be offered at a price of around Rs.5,000/-. They also mentioned a 2 year package with a monthly subscription of around Rs.750/-. Gamers can experience Xbox Live Gold for a time period of 2 years with this subscription.

With additional features, Xbox 360 is not merely a video game system but serves the purpose of a living room entertainment package. Entertainment apps are also available now along with online gaming options for new Xbox 360 bundle.

There is also good news that there will be additional streaming content which is delivered by cable providers or else sports package providers. For those who break the contract before 2 years, there will be an early termination fee. The overall bundle price is a little bit more as compared to the earlier stage when it was sold separately. But Microsoft has made sure that they give value for this price variation. Users can expect to experience some stunning features with this new budget bundle.

Current news is that the offer will be made available through Microsoft’s selected stores only. It would have been more effective if was offered in all online retail stores.

Xbox 360 is a stand alone product in the gaming market for about 6 and half years. It is rated as the best selling gaming product for about last 15 months. With these additional offers, company is hoping to boom up the demand for is product in the market and compete aggressively with new consoles like Wii U from Nintendo. This will give way for other gaming rivalries in the market like Sony and Nintendo to come up with such interesting packages.

It is really interesting that home video game purchase is now that simple as a mobile phone purchase if this news come true. Gaming admirers are expecting that the Microsoft package is a reality as it may light up their gaming dreams. An interesting package within this budget friendly price can be good news for kids in vacation time. It remains to be seen whether this bundle is only offered in US market or whether it will be offered to other locations too.  

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