Microsoft planning Kinect gaming controller for Windows PCs in 2012

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Microsoft planning Kinect gaming controller for Windows PCs in 2012

Microsoft has decided to release a Kinect for Windows PC. According to the information available at this point of time the new release of its Kinect motion control device will happen in the month of February. Earlier the company has launched camera and microphone peripheral for the Xbox 360 which was widely accepted and also was a huge success. Microsoft also confirmed that the PC version will be available at a higher price than that of the console version. At present there are many programmers who are using the Xbox version of Kinect and also the source code for the hardware is available for free.

However, the latest product is expected to come with some special advantages for users. The new one is optimized for the PC environment. This is because necessary changes have been made to the software to make it more advanced as well as more efficient. One of the latest upgrade in it is the Near Mode. This allows the Kinect sensor to keep track of even a single movement in it.

Microsoft authorities told that the company is looking forward to encourage as well as implement new ideas. This will help them to increase the business. Moreover there is also no special charge for SDK or runtime. The company also makes sure that there is no additional charge even for licensing.

Along with this upgraded facility there is also a big disappointing factor in it. That is, in the new PC version the latest feature Near Mode will not be available to the console with a firmware update. Well, the price tag will come around  Rs 15,000 in India and more preference will be given to business as well as regular users.

Well, Microsoft has given good support to Xbox with wide range of software support. The new one will also give a new dimension to the users. At this point in time, the company is only planning to release  few editions by the end of the month of February. It is expected that in the near future there will be some more releases with some new features.

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