Microsoft Releases Temple Run and Five Other Games for Windows Phone 8

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Good news for all the gamers using Windows Phone 8, Microsoft have announced that they will be releasing six new games to the mobile platform. What kind of games you ask? Well games added include Temple Run, 6th Planet, Fling Theory, Orcs Must Survive, Propel Man and Ruzzle. Certainly seems like, Windows Phone 8's support for Native code and multiplatform game engines is helping more gaming apps to come over.

Microsoft Releases Temple Run and Five Other Games for Windows Phone 8

Lets have a look at these games.

Temple Run

The games really does not need much introduction, as it on of the most popular titles to ever come up on mobile devices. The game designed by Imangi Studios requires players to control the moments of an explorer(protaganist) as he runs around in temple ruins, that are puzzled with booby traps and obstacles. To add to the danger a bunch of demonic monkeys are after him. Finally, the game is now available on Windows Phone 8. However, the game doesn't take advantage of the Microsoft's Xbox Live platform.

The game is available for free download at Windows phone store

6th Planet

6th Planet is an arcade game for Windows Phone 8 seems like a advanced version of Lunar Lander. The game requires players to guide space pod to the landing site, which is on the other side of the level. The challenge is, the vessel is in a state of constant motion and you will have to guide it using only two buttons. The game offers combination of simple gameplay and a gripping story sequences, which makes it all the more interesting. 6th Planet can be downloaded for $0.99 at the Windows phone store.

Fling Theory

Fling Theory is physics-based puzzle, game developed Coding Jar Studios Inc, exclusively for Windows Phone 8. The game requires you to solve physics based puzzles by manipulating atoms and destroying obstacles. The way to do is by firing electrons at atoms, so your newly created magnetic field can leads you to safety. The game is available for free download at Windows phone store

Orcs Must Survive

Orcs Must Survive is tower defense kind of a game which requires you to join the orcs in their battle against the the royal troops of an evil King. As you advance through the various levels, you gain newer units and weapons to fight off the armies of the king. The game is available at Windows phone store for $2.99

Propel Man

Propel Man is a fun game that requires you to use a Catapult to launch Propel Man into the air. You cross each level by landing safely past the finish line by deploying your parachute.

Features of the game include Realistic Catapult mechanics, Air resistance and Parachute handling, 30 levels with increasing distances and various obstacles, Shop with several upgrades like Laser gun, Rocket Boosters, Jet Parachutes.

The game is available at Windows phone store for $0.99.


Ruzzle is a online multiplayer game that offers a Boggle-style word gameplay. Think of Ruzzle as a multiplayer version of Wordament. Ruzzle is said to come with Facebook integration, single-player practice mode and support for various languages. The game is coming soon to Windows Phone 8.

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