Microsoft Rumored to Tweak Xbox 720 Making it Resemble Sony PS4

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Recently there was a leak suggesting that the Xbox 720 controller will be covered with black and white stripes. like the ones found on a Zebra. However, apart from the colour difference features of the controllers, apparently have remained unchanged, to a large extent. As for the console itself, Xbox 720 is said to pack similar specs to that of PS4.

Microsoft Rumored to Tweak Xbox 720 Making it Resemble Sony PS4

Lets have a brief comparison between PS4 specs with the rumored specs of Xbox 720.

PS4 is said to pack a eight-core 64-bit (Jaguar) AMD processor, Radeon HD 7850 GP, 8GB of RAM

Microsoft's Xbox 720 is said to come with 8 core 1.6GHz AMD processor, 800 Mhz GPU, 8GB of RAM

PS4's specifications aren't finalized, yet and there is not much information on specs of the Xbox 720 apart from the above ones. However, looking into the configurations, both the devices, more or less have the same capacity.

So which console will fare better in the market, given that both look to have similar set of specifications?

Well, according to Michael Pachter, an analyst for Wedbush Securities, the next-gen Xbox will benefit from the non-gaming technology, Microsoft has been working on. Xbox 720 is said to come integrated with on-demand TV and film services and is rumored to come with a built-in tuner, which can allow recording of TV shows, directly on to the console. Also, the next-gen console is said to come integrated with Skype. The analyst says these features can give Xbox 720, an edge over Sony's PS4.

Anyways, sticking on to gaming, Sony will be introducing a completely reinvented DualShock controllers for their PS4, which is a gamble, as it may or may not go well with the users. However, Xbox 720. like mentioned earlier, is said to remain unchanged.

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