Xbox 720 May Arrive in April 2013; Domain Name Registered

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Xbox 720 may be launched at a special event, to be held in April. According to the sources, the company that takes care of conference organization is said to have registered a domain name for Xbox. Microsoft, in the coming months, is expected to bring its next generation console to the table.

The company, Microsoft has not made any details of Xbox 720 official. Sony has made an official launch of its next generation game console PS4 without waiting for any big events. It was expected that Sony would launch its game console in some events like E3 2013. Now, it seems like Microsoft is following suit by unveiling its console earlier and not waiting for any major events like E3 to release its console. E3 is scheduled to take place in June.

Xbox 720 May Arrive in April 2013; Domain Name Registered

A new website domain registration has been revealed by users of NeoGAF for The domain registration had been filed by a company that organizes conferences for corporations called Eventcore. Eventcore had handled the Press Conference of Microsoft at E3 2012. This is suggestive of the company's partnership with Eventcore.

Microsoft has not commented on the details of Xbox 720's development until now. As of now, it is expected that Microsoft will reveal its console sometime in April in a media event. After Sony, it is Microsoft, and it's going to be a good gaming time for users. Microsoft's investment in E3 is large, and it would not want Sony to steal the show. Users are expecting some footage, spec talk and a controller for the April release, although the actual game console may come out only in June.

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