Minecraft: We won't certify Our Game for Windows 8

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Minecraft: We won't certify Our Game for Windows 8

The brain behind the wildly popular Minecraft video game, Markus Persson has said that he would not allow Microsoft to certify his game for inclusion in Windows 8 gaming marketplace. He had received a mail from Microsoft promising support for the certification of the game.

Persson responded to the mail by telling Microsoft to stop ruining the PC as an open platform .He added that he would rather have Minecraft not run on Windows 8 at all than playing along with Microsoft’s policies. He expects that this move will prevent at least some users from switching to Windows 8.

Persson is particularly concerned about Windows 8 not being developer friendly. He didn’t point about any specific issues for his tiff with Microsoft. By refusing certification by Microsoft, doors to an exclusive audience are closed for Minecraft. However the game will still be playable in Windows 8 operating system. Microsoft has been receiving criticisms lately for imposing developers to play by its rules.

Failing to meet Microsoft’s demands would cause these developers to get ignored by a vast majority of gamers who find games through Windows 8 gaming marketplace. Windows 8 is all set to hit stores on October 26.It seems like that there is growing dissatisfaction among developers regarding the limitations imposed to them by Microsoft. Hopefully Microsoft will make its services more convenient for developers so that more exciting games could be part of its offerings.

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