New Borderlands2 gets add-ons; new character skins and heads

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On January 22, devoted fans saw Borderlands 2 receiving a few add-ons that are downloadable. The new add-ons included new character skins and heads for the shooters in five different classes. Video game lovers who experienced Borderland 2 would remember the stunning experience delivered back in September. Now, Gearbox has now announced 15 new character skin and head combinations.

The video games developer Gearbox has released a number of DLCs since the release of Borderlands 2. The releases included story-based expansions. This could be seen in Sir Hammerlock's Big Game Hunt which included new items and locations.

New Borderlands2 gets add-ons; new character skins and heads

The new DLC (downloadable content) with add-ons is available in the developer's website gearbox. The add-ons are available in three different types called Madness, domination and Supremacy. These also contain spiffy names like "A cleansing fire", "the ZerkerBot200" and "Infern0" etc. Each of the new character skin and head packs costs 80 MS points that are $0.99(Rs.60 approx). Users can make their purchases via Steam, the PS store, on the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 or on Xbox Live.

New customization tools are also now available for download on Xbox360 and on the PC on January 22. It was also available on PS3 in North America. The PS3 owners in other countries and Europe will get the add-ons a day later. These new costumes are not included in Borderland2 Season Pass. The Borderland 2 Season Pass is available for $29.99(Rs. 1650 approx) which is 2,400 Microsoft points. It is said that the players who obtain the pass can have immediate access to two rounds of downloadable campaigns for add-ons.

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