BGMI 1.7 Update: Mirror World Theme, New Events, Piggyback Feature Introduced


BGMI 1.7 update is here, available on both Google Play and the App Store. The update brings in several new features, including the new Mirror World Theme mode, League of Legends Netflix series, and much more. Apart from this, gamers can explore more with features like piggybacking and grenade indicators. Here's all you need to know about BGMI 1.7 update.


BGMI 1.7 Update Mirror World Theme Explained

BGMI 1.7 Update Mirror World Theme Explained

Among the new features coming to the BGMI 1.7 update, the Mirror World Theme is the most exciting one. The theme is available in Erangel, Livik, and Sanhok starting today. Here, the Mirror Island appears in the sky once you enter the map, and gamers can enter the mode by using the Wind Wall on the ground.



Once a gamer enters the Mirror World Theme, they are transformed into one of the four legends of the League of Legends and Arcane, namely Jinx, Vi, Jayce, and Caitly. This further gives gamers an edge as they are now equipped with the character's skills and weapons. Simply put, gamers can now take down monsters once they're in the Mirror Island.

Apart from this, the BGMI 1.7 update with the Mirror Island brings in Hextech Crystals as rewards. This can be earned when they kill a monster and can be exchanged with several battle items. And if you die in the Mirror Island, you are returned to the regular battleground mode. This will also happen once the playtime ends on the island.

BGMI 1.7 Update New Features Explained

BGMI 1.7 Update New Features Explained

Apart from the Mirror World Theme on the BGMI 1.7 update, it also brings in a couple of other additions. This includes different modes on the battle royale game. For instance, there is the Classic Mode with features like piggyback. As the name suggests, gamers can carry their teammate who was injured with the piggyback feature, allowing them to take them to safety.

However, the piggyback feature on BGMI 1.7 update will slow down the gamers' movement. Also, they won't be able to use items or ride a vehicle while piggybacking and carried player's HP decreases during the carry. The BGMI 1.7 update also brings in a few other features to help gamers.
For instance, the update introduces a new grenade indicator. As the name suggests, this feature reveals the exact location of the grenade, allowing gamers to escape or run to safety. The BGMI 1.7 updated weapon balance will affect SLR, SKS, mini14, VSS, and DP28.

BGMI 1.7 Update: New Events Incoming

BGMI 1.7 Update: New Events Incoming

Additionally, the BGMI 1.7 update is bringing in a couple of new events to the game. For one, Krafton is collaborating with Liverpool FC to bring in new events. Here, events like You'll Never Walk Alone and much more are expected, starting November 20. Others include The Recall event and even the Royale Pass month 5 starts right away.

The BGMI 1.7 update also upgrades the user experience with better control, improved strategy, and much more. Krafton has also teased the Vikendi map, Metro Royale, and Survive Til Dawn modes. But these are yet to arrive.

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