Fortnite addict headbutts mom after she tries confiscating the console

Fortnite addiction has hit another level.


Fortnite has become one of the most played Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO) game among the gaming enthusiasts. It was released in 2017 on PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, Android, iOS and Windows platforms. It has over 125 million active users, reported Forbes.

Fortnite addict headbutts mom after she tries confiscating the console

But despite being the most growing gaming among youngsters, it is becoming a reason for concern for parents due to its addictive and non-repetitive features. Parents believe their kids are spending too much time playing the game.

Now, a new incident that took place in Sydney, Australia has taken the gaming community and parents by shock. A 14-year-old Fortnite gamer headbutted his mother when she tried confiscating his gaming console. Unfortunately, the mother is now suffering from a concussion, reported MetroUK.

Logan, 14, has been addicted to online gaming and his latest obsession is Fortnite."It's not as simple as taking the cord away and going, 'Oh well, bad luck, you haven't got the internet'. Because the repercussions from that - angry, aggressive - we've had to call the police. I have been headbutted, I've had concussions," said Britta on TV Programme 60 Minutes.

She also added that Logan once used to be into sports and regularly went out to play before he got a PlayStation. "An addiction is an addiction. It doesn't matter if it's drugs, sex or online gaming," said Britta.

Although this sounds unfortunate, Epic Games is poised at making their game more and more addictive. The company is reportedly developing a "robust competition system" that will have players square off against each other within the same match, and "be recognized for their accomplishments."

It isn't clear how the system would work, but it would land sometime in September or later. The company has already incorporated some esports-like feature, such as live spectator cameras, and also planning "extensive improvements" to the feature in the coming days.


Epic Games has also promised the ability to completely customize the gamepad controls, and will soon match up players based on the input method, not the platform. The company is also expected to bring more advanced two-factor authentication than the existing email method. The players on PS4 Pro will also get greater support than the 1080p resolution in the 'near future.'

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