Intel Arc A750 GPU Benchmarked: Can It Compete Against NVIDIA and AMD?


Here is a piece of good news for PC gamers, due to the plummeting crypto prices, the demand for graphics cards has decreased. Not just that, one can now buy a used graphics card for less than half of its original price on places like the Facebook marketplace and eBay.

Intel Arc A750 GPU Benchmarked: Can It Play Cyberpunk At 1440p?

On top of that, Intel just gave us a sneak peek at the capabilities of their high-end arc graphics card -- the Intel Arc A750 limited edition. Intel showcased the gaming prowess of the upcoming discreet graphics card from Intel, which will soon be available in select markets.

Intel Arc A750 Tested With Intel Core i9-12900K

Intel ran several gaming benchmarks with the new Intel Arc A750 graphics card while pairing the GPU with their top-tier Intel Core i9-12900K CPU. As per the video, the Arc A750 when combined with Intel Core i9-12900K can easily achieve over 60fps at 1440p resolution with a preset set to high-graphics settings.

In the video, Intel's Ryan Shrout clearly mentions that the Intel Arc A750 can offer over 17 percent more FPS than the RTX 3060. Considering the benchmark numbers, the Intel Arc A750 will be positioned as an upper mid-range graphics card, targetted towards 1080p and 1440p gamers.

Intel Arc A750 GPU Benchmarked: Can It Play Cyberpunk At 1440p?

Ryan also specifies that the "performance of Arc won't look like this in all games" indicating the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 might outperform the Intel Arc A750 in select games. Intel has confirmed to share more info on the performance of the Intel Arc series of graphics in the upcoming days.

In the benchmarks, Intel is comparing the performance of the Arc A750 graphics card with the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 GPU. In all the games that Intel has tested, the Arc A750 has outperformed the RTX 3060 on games like F12021, Cyberpunk, Control, Borderland 3, and Fortnite.


Intel Arc A750 GPU Price In India

While there is no official information on the pricing of the Intel Arc A750, the GPU is expected to be priced similarly to the RTX 3060. The RTX 3060 costs around Rs. 38,000 in India. Hence, the upcoming Intel Arc A750 is also expected to be priced around Rs. 35,000 in the Indian market and is likely to be available via multiple OEM partners.

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