Logitech acquires Astro Gaming in a $85 million deal

Logitech has acquired gaming console headset manufacturer Astro Gaming for $85 million to revamp its gaming accessories for gaming consoles.

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Logitech announced today that it is acquiring the popular console gaming headset maker Astro Gaming for $85 million. Astro will add value to Logitech G which is a sub-brand of Logitech with a primary focus on catering to gaming enthusiasts. Logitech aims at gaining a strong hold in the console market, in hopes of which it has acquired Astro, which already has a reputation in the console market. The deal is expected to be sealed by the end of August.

Logitech acquires Astro Gaming in a $85 million deal

Logitech has been providing PC gamers with gaming peripherals including mice and keyboards. Astro, on the other hand, has always catered to enthusiast console gamers which is the reason why Logitech is entailing its trust and hopes in Astro in order to expand its reach further into the gaming accessory industry.

Ujesh Desai, Logitech G's vice president, said in a statement, "Astro is the leading player for premium console headsets and is the preferred headset for console e-sports athletes. It's a perfect complement to Logitech G's focus on PC gaming and we couldn't be more excited; we love the team, the brand, and the products. Together, we want to make game play even more fun for gamers everywhere."

Astro also works on PC gaming solutions but its major concern has always been to proffer console gamers. It is expected that Logitech G will continue to maintain its focus on PC gaming accessories while Astro will carry out its work in accordance with Logitech to serve console gamers.

Logitech has a reputation in the PC-gaming industry and with Astro in the foreground for gaming console division, there could not have been a better time for the brand to strive and get a hold on the console accessory market.


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