Mini Crossword Answers For June 16: All Mini Answers For Across And Down For Today


Wordle has become somewhat of an internet sensation as millions of people began playing it. At the same time, a lot of Wordle clones popped up. But if you're tired of Wordle and looking for a change, Mini Crossword might be a good game to check out. Here's all you need to know about Mini answers for June 16.

Tried Mini Yet? Check Mini Crossword Answers For June 16 Here

Mini Crossword Explained

Just like Wordle, Mini is a game made available by The New York Times. In fact, the NYT crossword is quite famous but it isn't free to play. On the other hand, Mini is available to play for free and you can even play it without creating an account. Gamers can access Crossword Mini on their browser via this link.

Like any other crossword game, gamers will find a box with rows and columns where letters would criss-cross to form the game. Mini Crossword, on the other hand, is a smaller game when compared to a full-fledged crossword game. This means you get only about four-five words across and down.

Unlike Wordle, Mini is a tad bit more complicated. While Wordle is a guessing game, Mini crossword requires you to know about topics like pop culture, politics, sports, and much more. Since NYT is an American publication, gamers are required to know a bit about American culture, politics, celebrities, and so on.

Mini Answers For June 16

This brings us to the Mini for June 16. If you've already attempted to play the game and are unable to solve it, worry not. The Mini answers for June 16 are given right here:

Mini Answers Across For June 16

Mini Across 1: Downward dog discipline is YOGA
Mini Across 5: The term for tapioca ball in boba tea is PEARL
Mini Across 6: Canvas holder is EASEL
Mini Across 7: Makes an effort is TRIES
Mini Across 8: The A of N.B.A.: Abbr is ASSN


Mini Answers Down For June 16

Mini Down 1: What birthday candles represent is YEARS
Mini Down 2: 'Wonderwall' band is OASIS
Mini Down 3: Eco-friendly is GREEN
Mini Down 4: "-Well That Ends Well" is ALL
Mini Down 5: Org. that opposes fur and factory farming is PETA

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