What is Momo challenge ? Beware of this deadly internet game

Beware of this new Momo challenge, another deadly game similar to the Blue Wale Challenge taking over the internet. Here is how it works.

By Karan

Do you remember the Blue Wale Challenge? the deadly game which has taken a lot of lives across the globe. Now, another game called Mono challenge has taken over the internet. This game is suspected to work on the same principles of Blue Wale Challenge, which has affected many teenagers in Russia and other parts of the world. We have cases of suicide in India also.

What is Momo challenge ? Beware of this deadly internet game


The 'Momo' challenge, which is becoming famous online through WhatsApp, has raised eyebrows of the specialists around the globe as it is following a similar genealogy. The digital experts have additionally taken the perception of the online game that has professedly ended the life of a young person in Argentina.

What is the 'Momo' and how does it work?

The individual who is becoming the target is getting a message challenging them to text 'Momo, which is an unknown number. After they have done that, they are being assaulted by spooky pictures.

The image that is going viral on the social media is of a woman with a distorted face, popped out eyes and with a scary smile. As per daily mail the image look rip of a Japanese doll artist.

According to the BBC report, the aim of this game is not yet identified but the authorities have warned people that this user might want to steal your personal information or encourage you to commit suicide. This game is also suspected of a suicide of a 12-year-old girl in Argentina.

The cases related to Momo is reported in countries like the United States, France, Germany, Argentina and Mexico. The origin of the game is discovered yet.

We expect this won't turns out to be an epidemic like the Blue Wale Challenge. Hope the cyber securities catch the developer of the game and stop everything before harming any other life. We will update you, the moment we will get any information about the game.

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