Wordle 292 Hints, Answer For April 7: Clues To Guess Today’s Wordle Challenge


Wordle 292 challenge for April 7 is here, bringing in the next dose of touch daily puzzle. If you've been playing Wordle for a while now, guessing today's challenge shouldn't be too difficult. If you're new to the game of Wordle, we've given you a couple of hints to make the challenge a bit easy. Here's everything you need to know about Wordle 292 for April 7.

Wordle 292 Answer For April 7: Clues To Guess Today’s Wordle

Wordle 292 Rules Explained

Before diving into the clues and hints for Wordle 292, let's take a look at the basic rules of the game. The Wordle 292 answer and clues mentioned here are for The New York Times challenge, which keeps updating every day. You can access the link by searching for The New York Times Wordle or simply by clicking this link.

Wordle 292 is just like every other Wordle challenge before this. You can start by guessing any five-letter word. You have six chances to guess the right word, which are indicated by the six rows in the game. The first five-letter word that you enter will change the color of the block, giving you hints about the alphabet in the final answer.

The colors will change to either grey, yellow, or green. Yellow and green indicate the letter is in the final answer, particularly yellow suggests it's in the wrong place whereas green suggests it's in the right place. Grey suggests the letter isn't in the final answer. Based on these colors, you can go on picking the letters to come to the final answer.

Wordle 292 Hints For April 7

Here are some additional clues to guess the Wordle 292 answer for April 7

Hint 1: Wordle 292 includes two vowels, which are O and A

Hint 2: Wordle 292 starts with the letter F

Hint 3: Wordle 292 ends with the letter Y

Hint 4: Wordle 292 answer for April 7 is synonymous with entering into a place; it's also used as a noun that's similar to attack or raid


Wordle 292 Answer For April 7

The last clue might have made it easy for you to guess the answer to Wordle 292 challenge. If you couldn't, worry not. The final answer for Wordle 292 for April 7 is FORAY!

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