Wordle Answer For May 3: Hints, Clues To Ease Today’s Wordle Challenge


Wordle for May 3 is available now, bringing in another set of challenges for gamers. When compared to previous Wordle riddles, today's challenge seems to be quite tolerable! In fact, pro-Wordle gamers can finish it off in one or two attempts. Here are some clues and hints for Wordle 317 for May 2. We've also provided the answer for the same in this article.

Wordle Answer For May 3: Hints, Clues For Today’s Wordle

Wordle Guidelines: General Rules To Follow

Wordle can be a fun game at times and mind-boggling at others. The clues and hints mentioned below are for The New York Times Wordle challenge, which keeps updating every day, just like their famous crossword puzzle. You can access the Wordle 317 challenge on your browser or simply click on this link. Here's how to play

Step 1: The game opens to six rows with five blocks each, along with the entire alphabet order. You can start by entering any five-letter word

Step 2: It's generally advised to include vowels like A, E, and I in your first attempt. Also, it's generally advised to avoid letters like Q, X, and Z on your first try.

Step 3: Once you enter your first word, the letters in that word will change color to either yellow, green, or grey.

Grey indicates that the letter isn't in the final word. Green indicates that the letter is in the final word and also in the right place, whereas yellow suggests the letter is in the final word but in the wrong place.

Wordle Answer For May 3: Hints, Clues For Today’s Wordle

Wordle Clues For May 3

The changing colors of the letters are a way forward, helping you arrive at the final, right answer. Here are some additional clues for Wordle for May 3:

Hint 1: Wordle 317 includes two vowels, which are A and I
Hint 2: Wordle 317 starts with the letter H

Hint 3: Wordle 317 answer is a descriptive word used to describe any animal with a lot of fur or hair


Wordle Answer For May 3

The final hint might have helped you in guessing the Wordle 317 answer for May 3. In case you still didn't get it, worry not! The Wordle answer for May 3 is HAIRY!

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