Next Gen Xbox 720 To Be Unveiled In A Short While: What We Think We Know?

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Everyone would be shocked to see when the next-big thing from Microsoft gets official later today. Xbox, an undisputable leader in the gaming console business is all set to witness the coming of mighty ‘Fusion'-- Xbox 720. The Xbox 360 clearly emerged as a winner in the last-gen console race.

This time around the battle is expected to be in between PlayStation 4, and the sequel to Xbox 360. No one is counting Wii U, how poor the console is performing worldwide. Nintendo: you're screwed up!

An hour before the official unveiling, GizBot brings some top five rumors that are circulating about next-gen Xbox 360. Would it be called Xbox Infinity? Or simply Xbox sounds much better?

Next Gen Xbox 720 To Be Unveiled In A Short While

Just before the unveiling of sequel to Xbox 360, Peter Molyneux, former creative director of Microsoft Games Studios, is not as excited as was in 2006, when the original Xbox 360 was unveiled.

"Back then, the 360 represented a huge leap forward in gaming, with a tangible increase in performance and fantastic multiplayer support. Gamers and game-makers were justifiably super-excited. It's not nearly as exciting as when the Xbox 360 exploded onto the gaming scene just over seven years ago."(Via BBC)

From discussion boards to online forums, everyone is concerned about whether next-gen Xbox 360 needs to be hooked with internet constantly.

"Durango is designed to deliver the future of entertainment while engineered to be tolerant of today's Internet."... "There are a number of scenarios that our users expect to work without an Internet connection, and those should 'just work' regardless of their current connection status. Those include, but are not limited to: playing a Blu-ray disc, watching live TV, and yes playing a single player game."(via Ars Technia)

The above mentioned instance was a part of an e-mail sent to all full -time employees working on next-gen Xbox 360.

The event which will going to take place shortly would give you an idea behind the planning ---Xbox 720, but it won't give you exact details. That's why Microsoft's interactive entertainment chief of staff Aaron Greenberg, revealed recently via Major Nelson podcast that the next-gen hardware will be unveiled in two stages.

"We have so much goodness that there's no way we could have packed it all into one event.The best way I can describe it is: We're really going to tell one story across two events. So we're going to start on the 21st and really that's about revealing the next Xbox platform and our vision for the future of games, the future of entertainment." as per Mr. Greenberg

Besides games, the next-gen Xbox 360 could be built in set-up box so that it can easily take on Google TV. The last gen console from Microsoft actually made streaming logical through game consoles. It would not be surprising to see Redmond -based tech giant not pursuing TV.

"We're excited to share more about the new generation of games, TV and entertainment on May 21, but have nothing further to share at this time." , as per Microsoft. Hey, they just reveal TV....sounds fabulous to ears.

Next Gen Xbox 720 To Be Unveiled In A Short While

Lights, Camera, Action --- Xbox Infinity

No one knows exactly what Microsoft is hiding under its sleeves. God! Xbox Infinity seems fine. But some reports claim that the next-gen Xbox would be known by "Fusion ". These domain names: Xbox Fusion,,,,,, are all owned by Xbox maker.

Kinect 2.0

The original Kinect sold in millions. So, definitely the company has plans to announce version two to make moves accurate. It is being said that the Kinect 2.0 would be bundled with every unit of next-gen Xbox 360.


The Xbox 360 has the best controller in the business. Keep in mind, Microsoft won't make some drastic changes to ruin gaming experience. You gonna find minutest changes in the controller scheme.


Here are the rumored specifications of the next-gen console:-

AMD powered 8-core x86 CPU

8GB of RAM DDR3, 32MB of SRAM

A powerful AMD graphics processor

1TB of hard drive

Blue Ray drive

Kinect 2.0

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