Nintendo Launches 3DS XL in North America; bundled with New Mario Bros 2 Game

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Nintendo Launches 3DS XL in North America; bundled with New Mario Bros 2 Game

Nintendo, a renowned gaming major launched the much awaited Nintendo 3DS XL in North American market on August 19. The device was launched in Japan and European markets last month. There are significant upgrades in this new console compared to Nintendo 3DS. It will have a price tag of $200 (Approx Rs.11, 000). The device was launched together with the latest Mario game - New Super Mario Bros 2. Users can choose the console in two available colours - red and blue. 

Anti-Reflective Display

The updated Nintendo 3DS XL console features a new anti-reflective display screen. The reflectivity of each of the LCD screen layer has been dropped to as low as 3 percent from 12 percent. This would give images a much shaper look and glare free gaming experience. With a price tag being just around $30 (approx Rs.1, 700) more compared to the original 3DS, this new device is a ‘value for money’ package for users and fans of Nintendo gaming devices looking out for a larger screen display size and memory storage compared to the Nintendo 3DS. Nintendo deserves appreciation for launching the new Nintendo 3DS XL on the announced dates itself without making any delay across Japan, Europe and now North America. 

Dual screen and longer battery life

The updated version of Nintendo 3DS has in store some advanced features and specifications. The latest Nintendo 3DS XL version features a 4.88 inches upper screen display and a lower screen display of 4.18 inches. This is a major shift compared to the traditional 3.53 inch upper screen and 3.02 inch lower screen in Nintendo 3DS. This updated version also promises a better and prolonged battery life compared to its predecessor.

The new console has a 4GB SD card as compared to 2GB SD card present in Nintendo 3DS. Nintendo 3DS XL will also be available bundled with a power adapter for charging too.

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