Nintendo Wii Mini Console to Launch on December 7, 2012

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Nintendo Wii Mini Console to Launch on December 7, 2012

It seems like, Nintendo is planning to become the real Santa for kids this Christmas. This can be said, as a rumour has appeared in the gaming world that Nintendo Wii system is going to be launched in a mini version. 

According to a Nintendo Word Report citing sources inside the company, Nintendo is all geared to release Nintendo Wii Mini on December 7, 2012. Sources even suggested that the package would have all the normal Wii console materials such as a sensor bar, nunchuk and Wii Remote Plus. 

However there is not much information revealed so far regarding the size and price of the new Wii Mini. It is still not clear how smaller the new device would be taking in to consideration the fact that Nintendo Wii itself is smaller compared to Xbox 360 and PS3. 

Further, in the report, the sources suggested Wii Mini could be priced around $130 (Rs. 7,000) though some analysts have predicted it to be somewhat higher around $200 (Rs. 11,000). If December 7, is the launch date of Nintendo Wii Mini, then users can expect an official confirmation by Nintendo sooner or later in the coming weeks. Analysts assume that the rumours can evidently turn out to be true with the Christmas and New Year holiday season rush already nearing in and companies trying to grab a major market share by releasing new and affordable devices.

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