Nvidia: PS4, Xbox 720 will be the Last, Future Gaming will shift to Cloud

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Nvidia: PS4, Xbox 720 will be the Last, Future Gaming will shift to Cloud

Nvidia, leading manufacturer of graphic cards has stated that the upcoming home gaming consoles from major brands such as Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo will be the last of its kind and the future gaming content will be probably made available through cloud-based services. 

Reportedly, Phil Eisler who is the General Manager of NVIDIA GeForce Grid Cloud Gaming Division was stated as saying, “They say this is the last console, and I am certainly a believer in that." Eisler was of the opinion that even the last one of the gaming consoles is almost 10 years old in terms of the technology that is in place now and believes that the cloud gaming scene will get much better in the coming years. 

Cloud services are expected to bring enhanced experience for users during game playing. Eisler added that most of the gaming issues are solvable with the cloud technology. According to him reduction in the server room costs and increase in the bandwidth rate would play a vital role in bringing the latency down. Eisler is of the opinion that Sony is one of the brands who has understood the potential of cloud. He added that the company has invested more than $380 Million for their Gaikai service. 

NVIDIA was tight lipped in releasing any details regarding how they are going to implement the cloud technology in Gaikai services. But sources suggest hinted at the company including a host of streaming and cloud-based options in its next home console. NVIDIA has already been successful in making its presence felt in the tablet gaming segment with the company"s new set of Tegra chips.

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