Nvidia Shield Gaming Tablet Now Official: Top 4 Reasons Why You Should Buy it

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Sure we all have our PCs, PlayStations and Xbox'es, but what if we added one more device into that ever-growing list? And before you think we are talking about a new Nintendo hardware, let us tell you that our eyes are fixed on the Shield tablet from Nvidia.

Nvidia has been a house-hold name if you have been a gamer for the last 20 years of your life (I also have a life, by the way). It hasn't been long since the company last unveiled its Tegra Note offering. But the new Shield tablet is a class of its own and is expected to give others in the race a massive headache.

Nvidia Shield Gaming Tablet Now Official: Top 4 Reasons To Buy It

The Shield tablet, which starts at $299 (Rs. 18,000) for a 16GB WiFi-only model, sports an 8-inch high resolution display. The slate looks like a standard looking regular tablet, but what makes all the difference is its 32-bit Tegra K1 processor.

In fact, users are also welcome to buy a separate wireless controller at $59 (Rs. 3600) and an optional kickstand for $39 (Rs. 2400). And while that may seem a tad bit costly, but the tablet is one of its kinds.

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But what actually got us our hearts pounding is the fact that you can plug the device with big screen TV. On doing that, the slate automatically switches to console mode, bringing up a carefully designed atmosphere for playing games in Full HD.

Apart from that, the Shield Tablet also supports Nvidia's GameStream tech, which lets you stream games from your home PC to the tablet. Excited yet?

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But why exactly should you be looking to buy the new tech? What does it have to offer that others won't? Here are the top 4 reasons to invest on the Nvidia Shield.

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Why Should I Buy Nvidia Shield: This Baby Plays Everything

The Shield has arrived with cutting-edge components and technologies to provide impressive mobile performance and precision gameplay for serious gamers. So from next-generation Android games to wirelessly streaming PC games, all is supported via the Shield.

Why Should I Buy Nvidia Shield: Support for Nvidia GameStream

In case you didn't know, Nvidia GameStream lets you stream games from your GeForce GTX-based PC or GRID cloud Beta and play them on SHIELD's integrated console-grade controller with ultra-low latency. That means more HD gaming, even on the go. And that too without losing out on the last boss level you passed.

Why Should I Buy Nvidia Shield: Enhanced Gamepad Mapper

With the Nvidia Shield, you will also get access to gamepad mapper that makes the experience even more enticing. Gamepad mapper allows you to add gamepad support to native touch Android games. This means you can play thousands of games using SHIELD console-grade controller.

Why Should I Buy Nvidia Shield: 4K Ultra HD Support

With the Nvidia Shield, you can now play all your favorite movie files like FLV, MKV, and even 4K media on next-gen 4K TVs. However, make sure that you DO have a 4K-enabled TV.

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