Nyko and NVIDIA bring out PlayPad gaming controller

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Nyko and NVIDIA bring out PlayPad gaming controller

Nyko and the graphics expert, NVIDIA have joined to create something interesting for gaming lovers. They are launching a PlayPad gaming controller. Just like how Sony and Nintendo took over the gaming world over years, Nyko is putting forward a small but assured step in the gaming world with the launch of this good looking wireless controller. PlayPad is designed specifically to suit TegraZone titles. 

These gaming peripherals which are made out with the cooperation of NVIDIA come in two different sizes. PlayPad Pro is designed specifically for traditional gaming. This is made possible by d-pad, dual analog controllers, and also an array of face and shoulder buttons. The miniature PlayPad features dual analog sliders, foldable stand and also a carrying case which helps in making this device portable. 

Even though these gaming controllers are designed for Tegra 2 or 3 titles, the free Playground app supports legacy games as well. This controller can support customized layouts and also pre-sets for devices which are running on Android 3.0 and higher versions. Even though there is no idea like which all games will be supported via playground or directly, we can expect a standard library of games. 

Also no rooting is required for these gaming controllers as they can be used straight out of the box. The app also does not require any rooting like the controllers and fits into plug and play architecture. 

No such news like the exact release details of the PlayPad gaming controllers are known as of now. There is only a word like they will reach the gaming world not later than this year. Nyko is yet to announce the price of this gaming controller. However the general expectation is that it will be priced almost in the same range as Sony and Nintendo gadgets. 

Apart from the good gaming experience, Nyko and NVIDIA have made their PlayPad gaming controllers look more interesting. They have provided different colour choices, which can attract mainly kids. This includes standard black, white, silver, yellow, pink, blue, etc. PlayPad Pro is available in standard black colour too. 

Nyko PlayPad wireless controller has got good look and good external accessories, however it needs to be seen how it is programmed inside to offer the gaming experience.

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