Plants vs Zombies 2 for iOS: Coming to Apps Store On July 18

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PopCap games a division of Electronic Arts, has announced that the Plants vs. Zombies 2, the sequal to the highly anticipated sequel to highly popular Plants vs. Zombies. The game will be showcased E3 in Los Angeles next week and will launch worldwide on July 18 exclusively for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Game has been redesigned from the ground up bringing in new worlds with new levels, plants, zombies and new ways to play. The game will take full advantage of touch interface of Apple's popular mobile devices - Plants vs. Zombies 2 includes all-new touch-screen power-ups that enable players to "break the fourth wall" and interact with zombies directly, as well as with the plant defenses.

Plants vs Zombies 2 for iOS: Coming to Apps Store On July 18

The company has announced that the game is going to be free to play. Players looking to get some extra benefits can purchase upgrades and other in-game items.

"It's about time!" said Allen Murray, Senior Producer for Plants vs. Zombies 2. "We're confident that players will see the love and attention we've put into this game. We've created wild new ways to experience the plants and zombies you know and love as well as packing the game with tons of completely new content, and we're still hard at work coming up with even more cool stuff that will keep Plants vs. Zombies 2 fresh and evolving in the months and years following launch."

PopCap also released the Plants vs. Zombies Adventures app on Facebook with various news features including new power-ups, freeze power and more.

"We're thrilled to bring new ‘Adventures' to Plants vs. Zombies fans around the world, challenging them to use new strategies to defeat zombies as they come from all directions in a range of cool new settings," said Curt Bererton, Executive Producer at PopCap.

"We know gamers have been clamoring for new ways to play and compare their PvZ prowess with friends - and now they can do that for the first time!" He added.

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