PlayStation 4 And its Sensational Controller Prototype: Who Needs An EyePad ?

By: Anuj Bhatia

With few days left on the arrival of PlayStation 4, the Japanese giant has already started creating buzz. What exactly? Sony has released few mobile ads targeted towards Nintendo and Microsoft. A one look at these ads gives us a clue about rumored EyeToy 2.0. Well, let's see what Sony has in stores for gamers. In another development, a surprise pops up out of some developers' closet.

If this is the case then there must be a retail unit as well. A PS4 controller with touch screen has been surfaced recently. It is said that the controller is an early prototype that was sent by Sony to developers. If this is not enough then have a look at the third major PS4 story. The company is developing an EyePad, a tablet like controller for the PS4.

PlayStation 4 And its Sensational Controller Prototype

PlayStation 4 - EyePad

Apple will never sue Sony for releasing an EyePad. Okay. What is an EyePad? A slate like controller, capable of creating 3D motion control and could allow virtual gaming like never before. It could be a fully fledged PS controller, if Sony has intentions to make it as a main stream controller for PS4. As per the patent filing by the Sony, the tablet -like controller would have illuminated bezels.

The controller would be compatible with EyeToy 2.0 camera accessory. According to the alleged image of the controller, it would have a set of camera, possibly, hints at two cameras. That could be made this upcoming accessory a lot, similar, to PS Vita. The accessory would have a touch sensitive surface again, similar, to PS Vita's rear touch pad.

There is a possibility of Bluetooth integrated with the accessory. It's not a final design, by the way, so nothing concrete can be said about Wii U remote killer. [Credit- NeoGaf].

PlayStation 4 - Prototype controller surfaced

The above mentioned PS4 controller was in the form of a patient. Believe it or not, this rumor has a strong possibility to be called as PS4 remote. An alleged image of PS4 controller has recently stunned gamers. Going by the image, it is a DualShock 3 controller remade for PlayStation 4. That's not the case. Unlike, DualShock 3 controller used for PS3; this controller has a small touch surface sitting in the middle. As usual, it has four standard PlayStation buttons, dual analog sticks and even home button. If you scrutinize closely, it has an illuminated blue light thing at the top, could have some relation with either PS Move or EyeToy 2.0.

Sony is set to debut a powerful gaming machine that could change the games are to be played. In the next five days, expect a lot more happening and scoops, which will be enough to lead us to final device. Stay tuned to Gizbot.

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