PlayStation 4: 3 Biggest Strategies Sony Might Follow For The Next Gen Gaming Console Success

By Anuj Bhatia

    Sony's PlayStation 4, is set to announce on February 20th, in the New York City. Expectations are high, as usual. Multiple sources tell different stories in regards to pricing and launch games. Well, by now it is certain that the Japanese gaming giant will indeed launch a successor to PlayStation 3. Will the next-gen console be a power house? Can it beat PC gaming in general? Microsoft who makes Xbox 360, is thinking to go beyond gaming, and plans to pump its resources in interactive T.V entertainment. What is the future lies ahead for PlayStation 4(PS4)?


    GizBot has come up with three expected possibilities: New game play, Eye Toy 2.0 and expected game titles. This feature is based on numerous reports and rumors, to be precise.

    PlayStation 4: 3 Biggest Strategies Sony Might Follow For PS4 Success

    New methodology of Game play

    The PlayStation 4 could bring a big change in the way we play games. Until, trusty Dual Shock game controller was used to be the preferred medium. It was easy and simple to stick around, a basic game controller with standard -select, start and home button. This time around, Sony is thinking to go for few cosmetic changes, in the game controller. People familiar with the development believe that the new game controller will support touch screen or a touch pad. If Sony goes for touch screen controller than it would be similar to Wii U's gamepad and if Sony opts for touch pad than it would be identical to current PS Vita rear touch pad. Chances are high that Sony would like to go for a tiny touch screen with an integrated touch pad.

    The new touch based game controller can be utilized for better interaction with games in general, as well as better syncing capabilities with PS Vita. Developers even make compatible apps that work perfectly on ps4 as well as PS Vita. Sony recently came out in clear that the next- gen PlayStation will be all about ‘game play', not hardware.

    Eye Toy 2.0


    The original Eye Toy was a real innovation. For the first time - a gesture based camera that detects motion and sound, was released for PlayStation 2. Sadly, not many developers took advantage out of it.

    Its successor, PlayStation Eye, which is compatible with PlayStation 3, is still the same. The PlayStation Eye can record videos in a resolution of 640 x 480 pixels with a frames rate of 60 hertz. PlayStation Move, Sony's answer to Wii remote and Microsoft's Kinect , uses PlayStation Eye , for motion gaming. With PlayStation 4 release date looking not so far, expectations are high for the arrival of Eye Toy 2.0. It is said that, Sony plans to position Eye Toy 2.0 against Microsoft's Kinect 2.0. As per buzz, Eye Toy 2.0 will have two dual cameras supporting 720p HD format. Earlier, PlayStation Eye, was not necessary to use with the PlayStation 3, it was an optional deal.

    Launch Gaming Titles - What to Expect?

    Consoles are all about games and more games. Here, an exclusive game matters a lot. At this stage, nothing can be said with a sure mind, but based on leaks; one can judge games that will likely to appear on PS4. Media Molecule, the developer behind LittleBigPlanet, could reveal next big project for PS4, at February 20, event. It is also being said that Killzone 4, is also expected to make its impending debut on the stage. RockStar games, the famed publisher of Grand Theft Auto series, could announce GTA V for PS4. The publisher had already announced GTA V for current generation consoles earlier this year. It would be great, if the publisher hints at something as big as Red Dead Redemption. One can even expect, Gran Turismo 6(GT6) - the best selling racing game ever made for PlayStation series. And how can we forget to mention the next chapter or iteration to uncharted series.

    PlayStation 4 could be an epic in its own. The PlayStation, in general, has a loyal following. Sony has to have his beast ready by this year in order to play tough with Xbox 720. It is also being said that the next-gen console from Sony unable to PS3 games. The PS4 internal hardware will have a lot of common things with PC architecture. That means now it will be an easy task for developers to make games for next-gen console from Sony. The company is intended to launch PS4 in American and Japanese markets, later this year. For the past two-three years, developers are making games for next-gen consoles. The expected retail price of PS4 is pegged at around $ 400(Rs.22, 000).

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