PlayStation Turns 20: The Greatest PlayStation Moments in the History of the Console

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Happy Birthday, PlayStation! Over the past 20 years, Sony's PlayStation has been our favorite gaming destination. There have been a hell lot of games launched over the past few years.

The original PlayStation went on sale in Japan on December 3, 1994. Not just it was a huge hit in terms of sales, but it actually started a gaming revolution gaming young teens.

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The success of the PlayStation 2 gave Sony a much added boost against the likes of Sega and Nintendo. Riding high on the success of the PS2, Sony launched the PlayStation 3 in 2006. It went on sale in Japan in the late 2006, followed by the global retail availability the next year.

In 2013, Sony unleashed the PlayStation 4, but no would have expected the PS4 to do so well. Its fourth-generation console has been rated the best console this year, and it shall continue to do well, despite facing stiff competition from Microsoft's Xbox One.

Leaving aside the home console market, Sony did try to knock down Nintendo, with the launch of its first ever portable gaming console. The PlayStation Portable was launched in Japan in 2004. The device was largely a success in Japan, although it never managed to entice American gamers.

In 2012, Sony once again gave another shot at the portable gaming console market, with the launch of the PlayStation Vita - its latest portable gaming console.

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One generation after another, the PlayStation still continue to entice gamers with the best first-party exclusives on the market.

Today, the PlayStation turns 20 years old in Japan. GizBot takes a walk down memory lane as we look back at PlayStation's glorious years. Here are the top moments.

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PlayStation Arrived in 1994

The PlayStation hit Japanese market on December 3, 1994. It sold pretty decent, and soon the company launched the device in the North America.

The Arrival of PS2

After the success of the PlayStation, Sony decided to launch the second-generation home console. The PlayStation 2 was launched in 2000, and as expected was met with huge response.

The Era of PS2

Sony's PlayStation 2 became the most successful home console ever, selling over 150 million units. The first God of War game was launched on the PlayStation 2.

Success of the PS2

The PlayStation 2 also featured DVD playback capability. It became the first console to come with such as unique feature.

PlayStation 2 Slim

In 2004, Sony released the mini version of the best-selling PlayStation 2. The PS2 Slim sold in large numbers, making the home console ever more accessible to large user base.

PlayStation Portable

The same year, Sony unveiled the PlayStation Portable in Japan. The device initially crated huge buzz among gamers. The PSP was able to play games, music, images and videos. It was a true portable gaming console.

PlayStation 3

The PlayStation 3 was announced at the E3 gaming conference in 2005. At the same time, Sony also started its free online service for the PS3 owners. Another big highlight of the PS3 was its ability to play Blu-ray discs.

PlayStation Vita

Several years after the release of the PS3, the PlayStation Vita was announced. The handheld console offers advance graphics. Unfortunately, the PS Vita is falling against the likes of Nintendo 3DS.

PlayStation 4

In 2013, Sony unraveled the PlayStation 4. The console has been getting rave reviews from games and critics alike.

PlayStation Vita TV

During the same year, the PlayStation Vita TV was announced. The new tiny PlayStation system will let you play Vita games on your television, as well as downloadable PSP and PSOne games. There's even multiplayer support for Vita games. It costs only $99 or about Rs. 6,200.

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