Prince Of Persia 2: Shadow And The Flame Comes To Android And iOS

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Remember the Prince of Persia 2 that was launched in 2003? The age old classic is back in a new avatar. This time the game features newly rendered levels and visually enhanced environments and is available for both Android and iOS platforms. Called as Prince of Persia: Shadow and the Flame, the new game has been developed by Ubsoft Pune.

Prince Of Persia 2: Shadow And The Flame Comes To Android And iOS

The game features revamped 3D environments but doesn't stray away from original's game-play which has been adored by millions. With 14 different levels, set in 5 different environments, the game takes a new shape and should provide players with something to be exited about.

The game does stay true to the original game-play, but let's face it we are not in 2003 anymore there needs to be something new to match the times we live in. The game does bring that, it features a revamped combat system along with new combo moves, a new set of challenges and wepons. The game has been designed to take advantage of touchscreens - it gives players the option of either using gestures or virtual controller to play the game. Non-the-less, the bottom line is you need to run, jump, solve puzzle and most importantly save the princess, who has been held captive.

You can download Prince of Persia: Shadow and the Flame for Android on Google Play at Rs. 199 or from Amazon App Store at $2.99 (Approximatly Rs.176.65). The iOS version of the game can be downloaded form Apps Store at $2.99 (Approximatly Rs.176.65).

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