PS4: Sony PlayStation Evolution Videos Series Spark Interest for February 20 Action

By: Anuj Bhatia

The countdown has begun and the Sony's uber cool gaming console is coming to change the way you play games. Yes! the Japanese tech giant has finally pressed the buzzer and the highly awaited PlayStation 4 launch is just few hours away. But prior to that, to tease the PlayStation fans, Sony has recently released three videos, giving an insight as to how the PS4 would look like when it will debut on the showground of February 20 event in New York. Reportedly, it is expected that 1200 people could gather to see the magic unfolding right at the venue. At the same time, the coming of cloud gaming service on the PS4 is yet another topic of discussion.

PS4: Sony PlayStation Evolution Videos Series Released Ahead of Feb 20

PlayStation - The Big Daddy of the Gaming Industry

By releasing these short videos, Sony largely hints at the next big announcement i.e. the arrival of PS4 obviously. Going by the videos, it is more of a visiting memory down the lane. Sony, itself, is feeling proud with its past consoles and would like to continue the same with the PS4.

The PlayStation 2 was the most successful console in the home console history. This year the company ceased its production and buried in the coffins. Sony managed to sell over 150 million PlayStation 2 consoles in the span of 13 years. Sony says that the PS2 will continue to sell in India despite of its discontinuation in other major territories.

The original PlayStation or PS1 was also succeeded in making gamers go Gaga over the home console. However, PlayStation 3 didn't fare that well in the beginning, but later it made an impact and by far the second best selling seventh generation console, as per the latest data.

PlayStation 4 - The Next Generation of Gaming

It would not be a surprise to see Sony holding an event in America. Why Sony did not went for Japan? After all, the impact would be larger. The company wants to go big with PS4 and American debut is the safest all. Sony's biggest threat - Microsoft holds a mammoth share in home console business, at least in the US.

The PlayStation 3 is a known console around the world, but the console somehow failed to crack American market. This could be very reason why Sony is holding an exclusive event to announce PS4 on February 20. The PS4 is all about hardware and unique game play. The prototype PS4 controller has surfaced lately. There are rumors of tablet style controller as well. It is also said that EyeToy 2.0 camera peripheral could acts as a big threat to Kinect for the next Xbox console.

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