Razr Gaming Tablet for Windows 8

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Razr Gaming Tablet for Windows 8

It was chaos at Las Vegas as gizmo buffs and gadget lovers crossed even national boundaries for some cool gadgets. The exhibition of all the cool new gadgets coming in this year, kept everyone excited.

Among the smartphones, laptops and tablets, a certain tablet attracted a lot of people interested in gaming. Razer USA Ltd showcased its new PC gaming tablet, brilliantly designed with the best features for the best gaming experience. The price in India is not announced yet.

Reportedly the tablet, code named Project Fiona, was quite special at the event as almost all other tablets seemed to be just ordinary tablets. Razer’s PC gaming tablet was one gadget made for pure entertainment and it serves as well as other regular tablets do. The Razer tablet will be running on Microsoft Windows 8  and it’s quite similar to the Apple iPad in size, except that this tablet also comes with a pair of gaming controllers. The controllers are fixed on both sides of the tablet, offering a comfortable gaming experience.

At CES, Razer displayed the tablet’s functionality and it was awesome when with the War hammer 40,000: Space Marine running ran very smoothly in the Fiona. Min Liang Tan, CEO of Razer Ltd, commented that Razer Fiona is the only tablet at present with the fastest processor that a tablet can have – a third generation Core i7 processor.

Fiona also sports an impressive audio system which is claimed to have been certified by THX. Apart from this, it got really exciting when the CEO also revealed that the fused controllers also have force feedback.

Reportedly, gaming buffs will definitely like the tablet's perfectly crafted console-similar gaming. Razer CEO, apparently, didn’t want to reveal the Graphics Processing Unit yet, which might probably be the biggest surprise. Fiona would most likely have the best GPU a tablet can offer, probably from GPU giants like NVIDIA or ATI.

If you already have a PC configured to be a great gaming machine, you can save the game on Cloud and resume it from the Razer Fiona. Many questions about the battery life, temperature, controllers etc still haven’t been revealed yet. But Razer revealed that the tablet build cost almost reached $1000. Rumors are that the tablet will cost the same. Although it’s quite expensive, this portable gaming device is as better as a console. It may even rival the Playstation Portable (PSP). But the tablet can only run the PC versions of the game, which is the only downer as of yet.

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