Retro Bit releases gaming handhelds

Posted By: Rahul

Retro Bit releases gaming handhelds

Most of us will be having nostalgic memories of those days when we use to enjoy games on those simple hand held games. Games then evolved into video games, computer games and much more. Game cartridges have been replaced by CD’s and DVD’s. Still there may be many people who keep their old game cartridges with the hope of using them some time in the future.

Retro-Bit has just the right device for those people who would like to get a taste of the past. Their latest hand held gaming console will support Nintendo entertainment systems and Super Nintendo entertainment systems game cartridges. The device is termed as Retro Duo portable.

The devices styling itself looks as if it has been shootout right out of the 80’s or 90’s. The console comes in red or black colour schemes. The buttons are round and colourful. There are small projections on both sides that allow you to get a good hold of the device while gaming. A colour LCD display is placed in the middle. The cartridge slot is at the top portion of the gaming console. The device comes as game ready right out of the box. You can even use original Super Nintendo controllers by using the included controller adapter.

There is option to connect an additional controller to the device so that you can enjoy multi player games. The LCD screen has a size of 3.5 inches. It has good resolution and is sufficiently bright. The device can play Super Nintendo games without any extra add ones. Just plug in the cartridge and you are good to go. But for playing much more classic ones like the 8 bit ones you will need to use the RetroPort adapter.

This allows you to play the original Nintendo games of the 80’s. If you want more options just buy the additional RetroGen adapter. It allows you to play original Sega Genesis cartridges. This means that this small and cute device is compatible with most of the versions of classic games. The battery life is claimed to be at 6-8 hours for standard batteries and up to 10.5 hours if the user uses the special extended capacity battery.

Retro Duo portable is expected to be priced at an affordable price of around Rs 5000/- in India. The RetroGen adapter and RetroPort adapter will be launched in the market by 2012 February.

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