Rovio Angry Birds Season: New Female Pink bird Confirmed

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Rovio Angry Birds Season: New Female Pink bird Confirmed

Finnish developer Rovio teased what seems to be a brand new female character on their Twitter page early this week. The image also carried the tagline "Who turned out the lights?"

Now the company has confirmed that the pink eye lashes female will be the new character in the Angry Birds Seasons game.

Even though most of users across the world were spot on in identifying the pink eye lashes as a female, no one was sure about whether it will be a bird or pig character in the Angry Birds game. Rovio took to its Twitter late Tuesday night to announce that it will add the pink bird to Angry Birds Seasons.

Pink Bird Power

Rovio is tight lipped on revealing any information regarding the new pink bird character. But they have released a new video which showcases the pink bird’s unique ability to blow bubbles.

Pink Bird to feature in Angry Birds Space?

Speculation is rife that the new character may arrive with the upcoming Angry Birds Space update this fall that will open up the Red Planet to players. Alternately, the character introduction could be slated for a completely different update.

Angry Birds has the reputation of one of those games that was successful in surviving the gaming industry for a longer period of time mainly due to periodical variations brought in from time to time. However many users now feel that the game is slowly aging. Perhaps the introduction of this new female pink bird character could revive its freshness. It is still one of the most popular games for mobile phone gamers across the world. We will keep readers updated about any latest updates being available regarding this pink bird character for Angry Birds.

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