Sleeping Dogs: Year of the Snake Videos Leaked

By: Gizbot Bureau

Another downloadable content has now been made available for Sleeping Dogs. The new content is based on the theme of the upcoming Chinese New Year. The news was released by a trailer that slipped out over the web. The footage of the video goes with the tag "Year of the Snake".

The Chinese New Year falls on 10th of February. It is expected that the game will hit the markets sometime around the Chinese New Year. The festivities of the New Year are dampened by Cultists who could crash the same and it is up to the players to save the day.

Sleeping Dogs: Year of the Snake Videos Leaked

A trophy list was leaked through Exophase and it shows that the new game, an adventurous one comes with a few side contents too. The trophy and the trophies lack specifics to an extent. The trophies, however, tell the gamers there are a number of collectibles for them to find. Trophies award baubles when a gamer joins the bomb squad, finds hidden-collectibles, defeats cultists and completes side-missions.

The footage of the game was found in the directory of the game after the recent DLC release. Square Enix has been contacted by Snacknews with regard to the DLC. The game developer Square Enix has been releasing some great content of DLC with Sleeping Dogs, right from its release last August, along with undead-themed Nightmare. Sleeping Dogs has been awarded a grand 8.0 in the review of Gamespot last year. The new game is promising to be a fun-filled Hong Kong adventure for all the gamers.

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