Sony music Playstation 4 will not be launching soon

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Sony music Playstation 4 will not be launching soon

Sony’s PlayStations has been widely accepted by the gamers around the world and is considered as a must have device for any hard core gamer. Sony PlayStations have come through various generations of evolutions since the introduction of the original Play Station. Currently the version that is being marketed is Sony Playstation 4.

There have been rumors for quite some time now that Sony will be launching a PlayStation 4 soon. Some online sites has even gone far to say that the device will be launched in June 2012 in a trade show. Sony’s deputy president has put an end to all those hopes and announced that they don’t have plans to launch such a device any time soon. It seems like the company has not had enough of PlayStation 3.

If we look at Sony’s past we can see that Sony has continued to sell PlayStation 2 long after PlayStation 3 came into the market. According to them PlayStation 3 has a life cycle of 10 years. So considering the fact that this device was launched only 5 years back there is still 5 more years left before it will be completely replaced by another system. Within the period of next 5 years another system may be announced but this fact is not sure as for now.

The next game console from Sony will come with lot of specialties. As per the company officials it won’t have a Streaming delivery system like the ONLive. Disc retailers won’t be fully cut out from the marketing plans too. Sony has offered a lot of games and other media content through their online networks. But many won’t be able to download and use them because of their very large sizes. So the company will be relying on physical media like DVD’s and Blue-Rays too to deliver their cutting edge games in the future.

Sony has plans to increase the life of Sony PlayStation 3 further by providing additional accessories. They have introduced the move control wand recently and it will be extending its reach to 3D games too. So the future Sony’s device can be expected to features some very cutting edge 3D imaging technology even if it would take a little while.

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