Sony PlayStation Get Range of PS3 Games Under Essentials for Rs 999

By: Anuj Bhatia

Usually, PlayStation 3, games cost gamers a bomb. The recent launched title - God of War: Ascension, costs around Rs. 2,999 for Standard Edition. The very title published by Sony. But other publisher also charge same amount of money from gamers. All in all, you have pay upwards of Rs 2,500 to get a new title. In the last few years, Sony has done a great job by slashing the price of games available on PlayStation 2.

Now an average game on PS2 costs Rs 500 in the Indian market. Who does not want such sweet price? The reason for such dirt pricing is due to the fact that some titles (PS2), are being manufactured in India only. The mighty PlayStation 2 had its time, and now its successor is at its peak.

As per MCV India, Sony is set to manufacturer PS3 games locally to reduce the cost. It is said that heavy duty titles including (to be launched in India soon) The Last of Us, will be manufactured locally. Thus by any costs it won't sell for an estimated price of Rs. 2499.

Sony PlayStation Get Range of PS3 Games Under Essentials for Rs 999

Sony India has also come up with a fantastic offer by announcing select titles to be offered starting Rs 999 in the Indian market.

"Such an attractive range of marquee titles at the ESSENTIALS price band will allow new gamers to easily enter the PS3 category. And what better than the summer holiday season to introduce such a large range of affordable game choices to own and add to one's collection. ", as per Atindriya Bose, Country Manager, Sony PlayStation

Here are the selected titles that will be made available to gamers in the third week of April starting just Rs.999 in the market:

God of War Collection Volume 1; God of War Collection Volume 2; God of War 3; Killzone 3; Resistance 3; Motorstorm Apocalypse; Uncharted 2: Amongst Thieves; Heavy Rain Move Edition; Sports Champions, and The Fight.

Do not expect new titles like Sly Cooper: Thieves In Time to be subsidized. The above mentioned game titles are impressive by all standards, but they are quite old. Well, if you are gamer, and recently invested you Rs.20, 000 in purchasing PS3 then you should check out these titles.

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