Sony PS Vita launches in India by February

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Sony PS Vita launches in India by February

Sony’s latest hand held play station came into the stores in Japan during the month of December. The new device is termed as Playstation Vita. The device got a very good reception and the sales figures are very impressive. This is a new and improved version of the Playstation portable or PSP. More than 3 lakh units have been sold over the first two days of its launch.

Sony PS Vita specifications and features



Dual cameras


motion Sensor

Yes, Six axis motion sensor

Touch screen

Yes, 5 inch OLED screen





Rear touch screen


Cross Play


Dual analog sticks



ARM Cortex –A9 core



This play station will definitely change the way you enjoy games. This feature rich device packs in a huge lots of spec list to satisfy the most hardcore gamer. The device is very compact and has very good ergonomics. The control buttons are right where you can access them with ease. The keys have a soft assuring feel to it and they are very easy to use.

The gadget is Wi-Fi enabled. This creates a whole new dimension for multiplayer gaming. You can very well play with real time scores and compare your game rankings with a player logged in some where else in the planet. It also allows cross-game text messaging so that you can chat with other players while in a game. The dual cameras in the Playstation lets you take pictures and also can create augmented reality. That is, you and the surroundings can be transported into the game to enjoy real life gaming experience.

The six action motion sensor lets you enjoy high quality motion gaming. You can tilt and touch your device to obtain the needed controls. The display is of 5 inch size. The OLED touch screen display has very good clarity that you will enjoy the games like never before. The touch screen lets you navigate through the game and offers you new ways to complete a game. There is a rear multi touch pad too. This gives you greater hand control and allows easy navigation and maneuvering.

The device is said to have some issues as per the Australian tech site Smarthouse. They claim that many users have found it impossible to shut down the device once it is charged and the touch screen becomes unresponsive at times. Sony has released a bug fix for the problem it seems.

Sony PS Vita may come with a price tag of about Rs.15,000/- in India and will be launched at around February in India.


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