SoulCalibur V SOUL Edition Gaming Arcade Stick


SoulCalibur V SOUL Edition Gaming Arcade Stick


Besides first and third person shooters, and racing games, what most hardcore gamers like is some hand-to-hand action in fighting games. For people who love fighting games more, consoles like Sony Playstation 3 and Microsoft Xbox 360 regularly releases awesome fighting games in their platform. But there are many gamers out there, who prefer another alternative instead of using controllers to play fighting games, called the arcade stick.

It’s been kind of like a tradition now as after the release of certain major fighting games, an exclusive arcade stick tailored for that particular game would soon be out as well. Using an arcade stick to enjoy a fighting game is quite a memorable and fun experience. Most fighting games require the users to be precise in hitting buttons to make the game character perform combo action moves. Using the arcade stick it’s a lot easier.

Recently, a new fighting game came out, a popular one indeed – the fifth instalment of SoulCalibur, SoulCalibur V. And quite soon, a company named Madcatz released the exclusive Arcade Stick tailored for Soulcalibur V, which already gained popularity by the name SoulCalibur V: SOUL Edition arcade stick. A while back, another arcade stick for the Streetfighter IV fighting game came out. The SoulCalibur V: SOUL version is a bit similar to the Streetfighter IV arcade stick.

The medium sized Xbox version of the SOUL Edition arcade stick combined with the standard Japanese Sanwa set up, sports a Sanwa JLF joystick and 8 buttons (30mm). The 8 pushbuttons come in very handy for apt input and precise gameplay mechanisms. The three way joystick with direction controls and the home and turbo buttons are in the right side of the device, up top.

This control panel also has a controller lock button, which when pressed deactivates the Turbo mode, also restricting access to Xbox guide. This is essential for serious online gaming. With the controller lock switched on, there is no stopping you from unleashing a deadly complex combo on your opponent and pop ups to connect to Xbox Live won’t be bothering you as well.


The plastic translucent casing gives Soulcalibur V: SOUL edition arcade stick a classy impressive look. The USB cable which comes with the package can be properly kept in a latch on the front side of the device, which can be opened. The device is designed to be quite tough, durable and to offer great stability as well. Madcatz made one awesome device this time, which reportedly retails for an affordable price tag of about Rs 8,000/-. 

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